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AMOR Academy

In these courses you will learn traditional USI REIKI along with other concepts that complement Reiki practice. You will learn energy healing concepts to become part of the global network of energy healers that our world needs. Reiki energy helps with many areas including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain management, reduces healing time, and side effects from cancer treatments. Reiki will open your mind to become more intuitive and raise your spiritual vibration.

The courses offered include Reiki level 1 (self-Reiki), Reiki level 2 (Reiki Practitioner) and Reiki 3 (Master).

In level 1 you will become able to provide Reiki to yourself, your home and your surroundings for energy healing. In level 2 you will become a Reiki Practitioner able to give Reiki treatments to others. This includes Distance Reiki where you can send Reiki to others remotely. In Level 3 (Master) you will become a certified Reiki Master, able to teach and attune others into the Reiki lineage. 

Our AMOR Mastery Course includes all 3 levels of Reiki at a reduced price with the added bonus of Reiki music and meditations.

The courses include printable manuals and audio presentations. Included for those with hearing issue, are Closed Captioned Attunement videos (Attunement is the ceremony where you become attuned and certified into the Reiki lineage at the course end.)  Certification Certificates are also included. 

The world needs more healers, and it needs you now more than ever! Your journey starts here...


Image by Ken Cheung

Certified Reiki Master &
Certified Spiritual Coach
Mark Ogren

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