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How does a Spiritual Coach work?

A Spiritual Coach understands the agenda and knows what direction to follow. 

A Spiritual Coach must first know what the client wants from the session. 

A Spirit Coach can access valuable information during a session. The process is to closely listen to the client and at the same time tapping in through intuition and visualization.

Without any attachment to outcome, the Spiritual Coach then shares the received information.

This feedback will work as a catalyst to support the client in shifting energies and then taking action from that place of inner strength.

 It’s important that a Spiritual Coach let the spirit guide his/her thoughts, decisions and actions.

A Spiritual Coach has also a developed intuition and knows the difference between intuitive information and judgment or opinion.

A Spiritual Coach is guided by ”The Spirit” and stays detached to outcome during the spiritual coaching sessions.

Certified Reiki Master &
Certified Spiritual Coach
Mark Ogren

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