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Beliefs & Attitude

It wasn’t until I got into Reiki that I realized how many of my beliefs

were holding me back. I remember thinking that “Life is hard, then you

die.” I used to believe in Murphy’s Law that whatever could go wrong

would go wrong. I’m not even sure how I got to where I was with

those ideas.

You can imagine my relief when I learned the Law of Attraction and

found out that everything is for me, not against me. When the idea that

nothing was a mistake, and everything was a learning opportunity really

sank in, my outlook completely changed.

Your beliefs run the show. Are yours helping or hindering you?

Here are some beliefs that have helped me in my journey.

Belief: Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.

Every situation is because you create your own reality. You created it,

it’s working for you and never against you.

Believing that life is on your side is very powerful. Just think of the

lowering of stress and anxiety. When you believe that everything is

happening in your favor, FOR you and not TO you or against you, you

train your brain to make the most of everything that happens every day.

This raises your vibration to an empowered frequency and helps

you find solutions to problems.

Belief: All experiences are opportunities to learn and move me forward.

Time is never wasted.

Have you ever had regrets? Ever thought back on something and

wished you would have done it differently? I’m sure we’ve all been


Or have you ever thought you were more behind than your peers? I

know I’ve had the thought before that I’m too old to do this or start

that. I’ve even said to myself that my time had passed. The opportunity

would’ve been when I was younger.

These kinds of thoughts only keep you focused on the past, which we

all know we can’t change. It creates situations where you are blind

to the opportunity that’s being presented to you. Remember that

everything you go through molds you into the person you are meant to

be. If you believe that everything is working for you, then it only follows

that everything is a learning opportunity. Learn the lesson and the

same learning opportunity will stop popping up.

Every experience that you have is meant to help you along your

journey. Ask yourself often, “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

so, you can keep moving forward. Check in with yourself to see if you

can respond or act differently – would this change the situation? You

can even ask, “How am I creating this?” This question leads you to solutions.

When you have doubts or obstacles, turn them around as soon as


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