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Distance Reiki

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

What Is Distance Reiki, and Does It Really Work? Reiki is a popular form of energy medicine that is usually performed in person by a Reiki practitioner. However, if a Reiki practitioner is unavailable, “distance Reiki” can be performed. This makes Reiki accessible to many more people and it is also less costly. However, people wonder how Reiki could even be possible using these methods when Reiki is usually thought of as an in-person “hands-on therapy.”

Distance Reiki is sometimes referred to as “absentee Reiki” or “absent reiki” because the Reiki practitioner performing Reiki therapy is not in the same room as the person receiving Reiki therapy. In fact, they may even be in a different state or country! The amount of distance between them doesn’t matter at all because we are all connected through the same energy and a distance Reiki practitioner will know how to tap into one’s energy fields from a great distance away.

In practice, the Reiki practitioner and the recipient will usually connect via phone or by video over the internet. In some cases, the recipient will send a photo of himself or herself, along with other personal information, such as why they seek Reiki therapy, via email. This can help the Reiki practitioner zero in on the recipient and understand what they need from the Reiki therapy, so they send the right kind of healing energy to them. For example, grieving over a dying parent would require a different type of energy as recurring heel spur pain.

The distance Reiki can take place while the practitioner and the recipient are on the phone or video together. However, oftentimes, the Reiki practitioner will first talk with the recipient and then schedule a precise time for the therapy to take place. This way, the recipient can get into a relaxed position, such as laying on the bed or couch and be sure to be in a receptive mode at that precise time. Sometimes the Reiki practitioner will call or email to let the recipient know the therapy has been administered, although the recipient often knows by the sensations they feel or sense.

It’s really no different than a short-wave radio signal reaching a girl in Louisiana, USA, from London, England. Energy travels everywhere and we’re all connected to each other through it when we know how to tune into it. Distance is not a barrier to the transmission of Reiki energy any more than distance is a barrier to sending short wave radio signals across the sky. A trained and attuned distance Reiki practitioner can transcend space and tie into the energy transmitted by your aura.

People often report the positive effects of distance Reiki. They also feel the same types of sensations in a distance Reiki session as they do with the Reiki practitioner is right in the same room with them. These sensations can include warm waves of energy moving through their body or a pleasant tingling sensation.

However, some people do seem to be more receptive to energy than others. This sometimes manifests itself as a person having a “sixth sense” about things. It is thought, though, that people who seem more receptive may just more open to the possibility. This is why it is very important to prepare yourself before a distance Reiki session. Some people meditate. Others doodle on a piece of paper. Some people practice deep breathing exercises or simply close their eyes while doing aromatherapy. Whatever works for you to clear and declutter your mind so you can be more receptive during your distance Reiki session will improve the benefits you receive from it.

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Certified Reiki Master &
Certified Spiritual Coach
Mark Ogren

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