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End of Life Animal Reiki

End of life with animals is unfortunately a reality of having animals as companions. Reiki can help support the animal and the caregiver in this difficult process.

Many times with end of life support there are vet visits, medications, and decisions to be made. Caregivers are constantly trying to support and make the most loving decisions for their animals.

Ways to use Reiki for end-of-life support:

1. Pain and stress reduction for the animal.

2. Stress reduction for the caregiver.

3. Charging medicine with Reiki.

4. Sending Reiki to vet appointments and spaces, or the home, stall, bed, or space that the animal lives in.

5. Use the distance symbol to help with the animal transitioning / crossing the Rainbow bridge.

6. Have a Reiki session for the caregiver to help ease the burden of grief.

Remember that Reiki is a complementary therapy in conjunction with medical care, but it can really help the animals and caregivers during this challenging time.

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