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Inherited Patterns

All of us can look at our parents, grandparents and extended family members and identify familiar family traits, some positive and some negative. Is it possible to heal these unhealthy family patterns?

When attending the second level of Reiki training, you learn how to do distant healing and how it can be sent to the past.

There's other planes of existence, linear time does not exist as we experience it on earth. Our loved ones’ spirits continue to heal after their transition to other planes. Also, when new lives come onto earth, they inherit energetic patterns, and genetics, created by their ancestors. As Reiki energies heal the root cause of a problem, both the genetic predisposition and the dysfunctional coping skills are healed.

Call upon your Reiki energies to bring peace to yourself, your ancestors, your loved ones, in this generation and for future generations.

Namaste 🙏

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