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Healing Touch and Energy

From an early age we’ve known the power of healing touch. As a child when you fell and scraped your knee your instinct was to touch or hold the area. You may have also shed a few tears . Then you ran inside to were an adult touching you, maybe holding you made you feel better. In that contact Reiki energy was exchanged. We are energy and in the act of touch we share energy, we share Reiki energy. We all are born with Universal energy. I’m sure you’ve felt a “vibe” from someone. That’s your energy coming into contact with theirs. Some call it your Aura. The Aura is always around you and changes it’s strength and size depending on the situation. Your emotions, wellness and those around you can cause a change. So the next time you get a “feeling” about someone or a situation, pay attention. You might be glad you did.

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Certified Reiki Master &
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Mark Ogren

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