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Insomnia Reiki Solution

Each one of us suffers from insomnia, at some point of time. If not paid attention to can lead to further complications including hypertension, heart issues, depression, migraines, and acidities.

How do we deal with Insomnia with the help of Reiki and angels (If you are not attuned to reiki leave out the symbols. Visit our website to learn Reiki.)

A beautiful meditation for insomnia:

  1. Lie down on your bed, take 5 deep breaths.

  2. Relax your body completely from toes up to your head.

  3. Call upon Archangel Michael to stand by your side, protect you and let you sleep peacefully. Also call your spirit guides and Reiki masters.

  4. Now imagine yourself covered with an imaginary blanket. Alternatively you can just cover yourself under your own blanket.

  5.  Now put the symbols as follows; CKR, SHK and again CKR on the blanket and activate them. If you are a master additionally put the DKM. Finally put the HSZSN and CKR again. Let the blanket be charged with Reiki, with an intention to sleep sound. You can say “Reiki energy, help me sleep peacefully.”

  6. Now call upon Archangel Raphael and ask him to cover you under his emerald green blanket. You can ask him to help you fall deep asleep and heal you while you sleep. You can ask him to help you deal with all anxieties, which keep you away from a good night’s sleep.

  7. You can also ask Archangel Azrael to help you release any stress keeping you away from a good night’s sleep.

  8. Chances are by now you may have fallen asleep, if not here is what you can do.

  9. Start counting from 10 backwards 10…9…8…7…6…5….till 1. Ask angels and Reiki to help you fall in deep sleep. You can even say “I am sleeping well tonight and getting up fresh and healthy tomorrow morning.”

  10. By now you are definitely in the deepest of slumber. Try these points for 21 days and cure insomnia completely.

You can use the exact same technique on your children, spouse or family too. In short for anyone who is battling with insomnia. This works with superb results.

I hope that this sincerely helps you fall asleep. Stay blessed and wishing you sound sleep, peace of mind and a healthy body and mind.

Love and Light!

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