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Meditation Awakens Chakras

Why Awaken Your Chakras?

Chakras are spiritual energy centers within the human body

When your chakras are blocked, they can have a profound negative impact on your spiritual, emotional & physical health.

Meditation has been shown to be one of the most powerful ways to channel energy to each chakra and awaken them.

Science has shown that meditation can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional & spiritual health such as:

  • Less stress & anxiety

  • Enhanced self awareness

  • Lengthened attention span

  • Improved overall mood

  • Increased creativity

Which is why we challenge you to commit to meditating for 10 days while completing our meditation course:

For only $1 / day for 10 days, you will become much more relaxed, energized and in tune with your mind and body. That's less than 2 cups of specialty coffee! We will practice guided visualization meditations and have a brief introduction to our chakra system. As a bonus, we will do a meditation to connect with our spirit guides.

In this 10-day meditation journey, we will ease you into a routine and help you reap all of the benefits meditation has to offer. Don't you think you're worth $1/day? Join now!

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