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Receive Higher Guidance

The following Reiki technique can help you start receiving higher guidance from the depths of your own soul. It will also help you become more self reliant and confident in your work with energy healing. (Note: for those not attuned to Reiki you may practice this by calling on your guides and/or Angels.)

  1. Choose a room/space that is clean and quiet to do this exercise.

  2. Light a white or pink candle and burn some incense if you like.

  3. If you are attuned to the Master Symbol, draw one huge Master Symbol at the door (or in the middle of the space) and intend that only the highest and purest of energies enter this space. If you are a Level 2 channel, you may draw the power symbol. Level 1 practitioners can open up their palms and allow Reiki to flow into the space for a couple of minutes.

  4. Thereafter, draw the power symbol on each of the walls and also on any other area that you are guided to. Level 1 practitioners may just place their palms on each of the walls for a few seconds.

  5. Sit comfortably on a mat or chair and connect with Higher Energies. Visualise a cocoon of golden light enveloping you and protecting your energy. Call upon the Angels/Archangels/Reiki Guides/Ascended Masters (whomever you resonate with). Or you may call upon all of them. Go with your intuitive choice.

  6. Wait a minute or so until you feel a connection with the higher beings. When you are connected, you may notice a shift in the energy of the room or you may feel some warm energy beside you. Or you may not feel anything except a sense of peace. Trust that you are connected and proceed to the next step.

  7. Bring your awareness to the issue for which you wish to receive higher guidance. State it aloud if you feel like. Ask your questions. Talk to the higher energies. Once you are done talking, just relax and allow your guidance to spring forth. Do not strain to receive. When we strain, it is easy for the voice of the ego to take over and we may end up getting confusing guidance. When we relax, we receive guidance of the highest and purest nature.

  8. Your guidance is likely to come in the form of clear thoughts or strong feelings. Trust it. Sometimes, you may feel a soft voice speaking to you. Whatever form it takes does not matter. What matters is that you recognise and trust the experience while it occurs. Do not try to analyse if it is true guidance or a figment of your imagination. Remember you are doing this exercise in a Reiki charged space infused with the highest of energies. So, if you trust the process, you will only receive the highest form of divine guidance.

  9. As you receive your guidance, you may find more questions popping into your awareness. Feel free to ask and wait until you receive an answer. Continue the conversation until you feel satisfied.

  10. If you are not able to process all the information coming in, do not struggle. Express that you are not able to process or understand the guidance and request the Higher Beings to help you process it while you sleep.

  11. Sometimes, we are able to process the guidance but we resist it because we unconsciously hope to hear a specific answer which our ego believes is the right answer. If this happens, convey to your guides that you do not feel comfortable with the guidance received and request them to help you process it and make peace with it in the sleep state.

  12. Conclude by expressing your gratitude to Reiki and to the Higher Beings for their assistance.

  13. Lie down and relax for a bit if you wish to. As you lie still, the Higher Beings may work on you to help you relax. If this happens, welcome it with gratitude!

  14. Once done, drink some water and ground yourself by getting back to your normal routine.

Always bear in mind that genuine higher guidance will feel spontaneous, loving, empowering, safe and positive. Anything else that comes through is just the voice of our own ego based conditioning and can be dismissed without second thought. Practice makes perfect. Keep up with Reiki practice and do this exercise whenever you have a question. With time, you will master the art of receiving higher guidance!

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