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Reiki and Health

Many questions are asked when it comes to the topic of “Reiki and Health”.

1. How does Reiki help with health problems?2. Can Reiki cure illnesses?

3. Can Reiki act as a substitute for medicines and medical treatments?

4. Is there any Reiki technique that can eliminate health issues?

These are some questions that Reiki practitioners are frequently asked by those who are new to the world of Reiki.

The current reality is that there are no clear cut answers to the above questions. Conventional medicine is evidence based, which means it has fairly accurate protocols in place for the management of physical imbalances.

However, in Reiki, we go beyond the physical body.We focus on healing the multiple energetic dimensions of our existence. The physical body is just one manifestation of our multi dimensional nature. In the larger scheme of things, we know that we are beings of pure energy. We also know that when there is an imbalance in the flow of energy, it manifests as a corresponding imbalance in our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Through Reiki practice, we just ‘know’ all of this. While we may not have the scientific evidence to back this ‘knowing,’ we know and feel this truth every time we place our hands on our body and bask in the loving energy of Reiki.

And even if such research is undertaken, we do not know how successful it will be in coming up with standard Reiki protocols for the management of illnesses. The reason being that each individual’s energy field is so unique and so is their karmic blueprint.

Reiki is often viewed as a system of alternate healing.But in reality, it is so much more. Healing the physical body forms just one aspect of healing. At the moment, Reiki is only offered as supportive care in medical setups. But this does not diminish the value of Reiki because it starts healing from that level which caused the physical imbalance in the first place. By virtue of being Reiki practitioners, we have our healing hands with us at all times. So, why not use them as they are meant to be used? Why not allow Reiki to flow through us and to heal us in the way that we need it?

The best part is that Reiki works well alongside every system of medicine. Medicines have their place in this physical world and often become a necessity for the physical body. With this awareness, we just have to do the best that we can do and let go of the rest- heal ourselves with Reiki every day, allow Reiki to balance our energies and surrender to its loving intelligence.

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