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Reiki and Multiple Sclerosis

Reiki was researched for the treatment of MS in a 2002 study in the United Kingdom. Very positive results were found. It was a small group of study participants (ten in all), with patients ranging from 35 to 60 years old. They were treated with Reiki once a week, for one hour, over the course of twelve weeks. The participants were tested on motor function, cognitive function, fatigue and lethargy, emotional and mental well-being, sensation in the arms and legs, pain, and urinary and bowel problems. All the participants saw improvement in symptoms and one person was completely relieved of all symptoms.

In particular, the participants had significant decreases in pain and depression symptoms. Some of them were still noticing the relief nine months after the treatments had stopped, while others had some return of symptoms 6-8 weeks after the sessions were stopped.

Ninety percent of the participants had a reduction of pain, eighty percent had a reduction of motor symptoms, seventy percent had a reduction of fatigue and seventy one percent noticed a reduction of the symptoms in their legs. Other areas of improvement were a reduction of urinary symptoms (66%), a reduction in bowel symptoms (60%), a reduction in lethargy (60%), and a reduction in the symptoms in the arms (42%).  All but one patient noticed a significant reduction in cognitive symptoms. That patient experienced no change in cognitive symptoms during the study. In the patients who experienced sleeplessness or dizziness, symptoms were completely relieved during the 12 week study. Those with stomach pains had a reduction of symptoms.

I find all of this very encouraging. In many cases, patients with MS are not helped by traditional medicine alone. Even in the best of cases, traditional medicine only tries to delay the onset and worsening of symptoms. Cures and total relief of symptoms are rare with MS. Combining Reiki treatments with traditional medicine seems to have enormous benefits to MS patients.

Several studies have confirmed that Reiki reduces depression, anxiety and pain symptoms. Even if these were the only symptoms relieved with Reiki, this would be a tremendous help to MS sufferers.  Pain, depression and anxiety are believed to worsen the condition of the immune system and the ability to cope. When these things are improved, a person is better able to heal. Reiki can be a very important tool in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, relieving a number of symptoms and lessening the distress associated with the illness.

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