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Reiki appeals to people of various backgrounds.

People around the world are beginning to pursue Reiki treatments for themselves, their pets, and their environments.

There's a long list of celebrities who utilize this Reiki therapy:

Halle Berry– Kate Bosworth– Sandra Bullock– Ellen DeGeneres– Michael Flatley– Sadie Frost– Goldie Hawn– Angelina Jolie– Helen Hunt– Nicole Kidman– Gwyneth Paltrow– Joely Richardson– Sharon Stone– Uma Thurman– Naomi Watts

Reiki is not just becoming more popular in the medical and arts sectors. Athletes are also beginning to realize the profound benefits of it. Pro golfers, including Phil Nickelson, and other professional athletes such as the Chicago White Sox, routinely seek Reiki sessions for the many benefits available through this calming and pleasurable therapy.

In a New York Times article, Jerry Kelly, who is a two-time PGA Tour winner, shares his experience about the shoulder pain he was suffering from: “The two bones were rubbing against each other. I was going to have surgery the next week. I did five (Reiki) sessions with Jim that week and it was the best I had felt on a golf course in over a year. When I went in for the pre-op for the surgery, there was a space between the bones of the AC joint and I didn’t need the surgery anymore.”

As the list of famous people who rely on Reiki for a variety of wellness pursuits grows, the list people from every age group and walk of life, increases as well.

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