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Reiki for Anxiety and Depression

At the energetic level, anxiety and depression arise from a lack of overall balance in our energy system, affecting several chakras. The best way to banish this habit of overthinking and the consequent anxiety is to balance the first chakra i.e. the Root chakra. The Root chakra connects us to the earth and grounds us in the reality of the present moment. This chakra is related to our survival and basic needs of life as well as to our sense of worth. With the dramatic escalation of our involvement in the digital world, one tends to question his sense of self-worth and the ability to trust the Universe. With the lack of trust and insecurities about our finances, relationships and self-worth, comes the habit of overactivity of the Third Eye chakra i.e. overthinking. Overthinking clouds our ability to discern, and think clearly. One tends to become more judgemental, paranoid and agitated with such energetic blockages in the Third Eye chakra. This further compounds one’s anxiety levels and the vicious cycle between overthinking and stress continues.

The third chakra, Solar Plexus chakra also plays a key role in anxiety and depression because it is the foundation of your ego and self-identity. An imbalance in Solar Plexus chakra results in self-doubt issues and inability to set boundaries in social interactions. With the loss of confidence and mastery over your own emotions, anxiety is bound to follow.

Reiki practice goes a long way to beat anxiety and depression for keeps. Reiki helps to align our energy to an optimally functional state and helps to keep us grounded, even in potentially stressful situations. Reiki also helps us take control of our external situations including finances, relationships and health issues. Reiki helps to clear all our doubts and insecurities about ourselves and our lives, letting our True Self shine through. Our True Self is the most essential, and unfiltered part of our being and expresses naturally when we clear up the unnecessary thoughts and emotions. When all our chakras function at their maximum potential with the continued practice of Reiki and meditation, we become the creators of our own reality.

Let Reiki help you or someone you know who is dealing with anxiety or depression.

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