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How Reiki May Help

Reiki is a non-invasive supportive modality that encourages a relaxation response which may in turn assist to: potentially help reduce the frequency of migraines, reduce the severity of migraines or help to alleviate at least some pain during an active migraine attack. Some of the effects of Reiki that may benefit migraine sufferers include the following.

Reduction in feelings of stress:

Stress is a precursor to headaches for many people who suffer with migraines. Reducing stress as much as possible prevents stress-related migraines from occurring. Studies have shown that Reiki reduces stress and induces feelings of relaxation, which may be highly beneficial for individuals who are prone to migraines.

Less severe pain:

Studies have also shown that people with various painful conditions are likely to report feeling less pain after participating in Reiki sessions. Because pain is the defining characteristic of migraines, it stands to reason that reduced pain sensations would be beneficial for migraine sufferers.

Improved mood:

Migraine headaches and depression often go hand-in-hand. Reiki may boost the mood of people who are prone to migraines, which may in turn reduce the likelihood of future migraine attacks.

Reiki for Headache Migraines: Research and Anecdotal Evidence

Although no specific studies exist to confirm Reiki’s effectiveness in treating migraines, plenty of research studies support Reiki’s ability to produce the effects above, including lower stress levels, less pain and a better outlook on life. In addition, many patients who have undergone Reiki treatments in hopes of reducing the frequency of migraine attacks or dealing with an existing migraine headache have reported that the therapy was effective.

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