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Release Weight

How many of you have tried anything and everything you come across to lose weight? Let us put an affirmation along with exercise and careful diet for few months and see the result. Before you leave your home, give Reiki using the affirmation “I release my body weight with every step I take”. If you are going for a walk or a stroll, do the same thing along with chanting the affirmation whenever you can. If you are alone, you can keep chanting the affirmation whenever you walk. If you are talking with others while walking, chant whenever possible. Give this affirmation a few months and notice the difference. I did not use Lose weight or Drop weight here. I used Release weight in my affirmation. The reason behind this is, as soon as you think or say Lose, our subconscious mind tend to find it back. You lose something, of course you want it back, right? As soon as you think or say Drop, our subconscious mind tend to pick it back. You dropped something so you are gonna pick it up. So when you use Release, it has our full permission of let go. You are letting something go with your free will. Don’t Lose or Drop weight, Release your weight now.

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