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Resolution by Reiki

The way that Reiki works is for both the practitioner and the client to set aside their own desires for any particular outcome.

The practitioner invites the healing aspect of the larger whole, the universe to work through us in order to restore balance, harmony, and the greatest good of all concerned. This opens up far more possibilities than might be available if we were to only focus on the specific requests of a client or our own desires. It is also more effective at creating a true healing.

A true healing will get to the underlying issue, rather than only working to bring about the result you think you want. This is far more helpful in the long run, as the problem will resolve itself in the most appropriate way, often in ways that could not have been expected. By opening yourself to all options that are available, for the greatest good, many pathways are possible. When you only work with a specific wish or desired outcome, that’s the only pathway you’re allowing to be open. And it may not truly be available.

It is definitely possible to move toward our own goals and desires using energy by making a choice and following through with actions. And often that will work. You don’t even need anyone else to help you do that. But if our ultimate goal is true healing, then it works even better to open ourselves to the larger energy and allow all of the channels of healing energy to be available to us. So many more options present themselves and underlying problems heal, sometimes so gently we aren’t even aware of the process aside from the gradual changes. This truly helps relieve suffering and pain, both now and in the long run.

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