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Sending Reiki to the Future

Reiki offers so many opportunities with its healing powers besides what is found in a standard Reiki session. What you can do with Reiki is truly limitless. It can be used for anything from meditating to sending positive energy to the food you eat. Reiki is used on animals, to draw your soul mate to you and to open your life up to abundance.

It is funny how sometimes the universe will present the same thing to you over and over. It is possible to send Reiki to a future event. For some people it may be a job interview they are anxious about, for some it is a big exam or doctor’s appointment they have coming up and for others it is a difficult conversation they need to have with someone. Reiki is all knowing and always helps the greatest good to occur. Let go of what you think the best outcome may be for any given situation and allow Reiki to step in for the highest good. For more information or to schedule your appointment go to

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