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The Path to Healing Isn’t a Smooth Journey

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

Being on a healing journey doesn’t mean that you will never get sick. It doesn’t even mean that you will get well from whatever you have struggled with before you came to the healing journey.

Sometimes it simply means that you stop seeing yourself as a “sick person” or a victim and you develop a more functional way of living with what your body is like. That is healthier in and of itself. That feels better, even though the body still technically has an illness.

There is no finish line on a true healing journey. You start to see that it is a process where there are layers going deeper and deeper. That can sound frightening at the beginning, especially if you are in great physical and emotional pain.

To truly heal your pain, you must heal each of the layers that created it. That is a learning and growing process, a shedding of the things that do not work. As you do this, tools will present themselves to you to help you along the path. They help you to continue shedding layers and growing, doing the work of healing. As you work through the layers, revealing new insights about yourself.

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