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Spinal Reiki Treatment

There are wonderful reasons to treat the spine, back and kidneys when we do Reiki treatments. The spine is a major line of energy flow in our system. This flows from our brain all the way down into our pelvis. Most everyone has experienced pain or tension in their back and shoulders, or headaches. These are related to energy restriction along the spine in most cases. Problems in the arms, hands, hips and legs can be related to blockages here, as well. In fact, there are nerve centers coming from the spine that extend to every major area of the body. Keeping the energy of the spine open and balanced is quite a big deal! It can help so much in our body and in our emotional

state, too.

The chakras anchor at the spine and their energy circulate through the front and the back of the body. There are also meridians that run the length of the body. These are similar to our nervous system or our blood vessels, except they carry our life force energy. There are energy storage centers along the route of these meridians that collect and hold energy for us. When the meridians are functioning well, energy flows as it needs to from one center to the other, connecting everything very nicely. We feel well and are healthy. But when difficulties arise, such as stress and negative emotions,

these become blocked or sluggish. Reiki helps to clear these and open the flow back up.

I believe that regularly treatment of the spinal area is so important.

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