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Reiki and the Law of Attraction

Using Reiki and the law of attraction, the possibilities become endless for empowermoreing your life. Encoding desires this way will enable you to have better financial flexibility, good health, positive relationships, deep connections with your spirit guides, and much .

The unconscious mind communicates in symbolic language. A storehouse of every experience that has happened to you, along with the collective unconscious of all the life of earth (and possibly beyond!), you have access to the most powerful, fundamental living memory system.

In order to directly communicate with the unconscious and be able to hook information out, we must use techniques that speak in symbolic systems.

Art and music is an avenue, be it through painting, drawing, dancing, singing. These techniques help to keep the bi-directional communication between the unconscious and conscious minds flowing, making it easier to “plant” seeds into the unconscious that will be nourished and grow into fruit – the fruit of our desires made manifest!

Along with these, Reiki is a direct link between the conscious and unconscious. In doing self-treatments or treatments on others, in performing Reiki meditation, energy walks and baths, we continuously exercise the connecting pathways between the conscious and unconscious states of being, resulting in clear communication between these aspects of ourselves and allowing the free manifestation of the Law of Attraction.

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