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Reiki Will Help You Love Your Body

We are conditioned to compare our bodies with those of others, and especially with those in magazines, movies and television; it sends negative messages and negative energy to our cells and creates negative thought processes in our minds. We reinforce this negative energy and these negative beliefs by continuing the cycle. negative energy makes for a sick and toxic body that can’t balance itself and heal. That is exactly the opposite of what we need when we want our body to feel its best! what all of us really wish for is to feel our best. We want a body that will help us to move through this life freely, easily, and without pain. The truth is, that will look very different for each of us. if we feel our best and we are happy, we will certainly look our best, too. The wonderful thing is, once you switch your internal program to one of love and acceptance, your cells will respond. You will feel better and be happier.

So how do we begin to change the programming we have learned?

  • Send Reiki directly to the cells of your body each day. Make it a part of your self-Reiki or your meditation routine. Do this with the intention to deeply love and accept your body, just as it is. Try to really feel the energy of love in your heart center, the way you would feel it for a loved one or a favorite memory.

  • If there is a part of your body that you have particular difficulty feeling good about, spend a few extra moments sending Reiki and loving intention to this area.This can be an area that you have had feelings of self-loathing toward due to the way it looks or it can be an area that has pain or other difficulty.

  • You may notice that you carry feelings of guilt in your body.Take note of where you carry the emotional energy of guilt. Spend some time breathing and letting Reiki flow to this area and sending loving intention and acceptance to it.

  • Set the intention to begin having a loving relationship with your food. Allow Reiki to flow into this intention. Writing this down may be helpful.

  • Each time you eat, allow Reiki and loving energy to flow to your body and to the food you choose. Bless it with positive energy prior to eating it. It is helpful to do this prior to going to the grocery store, the restaurant or the kitchen, as well. This places a loving bond of energy between you and your food.

  • Spend a moment or so in front of the mirror each day sending Reiki and love to your body.Accept and appreciate it just as it is. Do not try to change it. Just love it.

The wonderful thing is, by loving and accepting ourselves just as we are, we free our minds and our cells to make the changes they need to. We allow healing and rebalancing toward health to take place.

Begin your journey with #Reiki schedule a session online or even better learn Reiki online with our courses. You will become certified in Reiki practice to help you and your loved ones.

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