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What are Reiki Attunements?

An attunement is a part of the Reiki training process. It is something that only a Reiki Master is trained to do.

We all have Universal Energy flowing through us and around us. It is everywhere, in fact. Reiki attunements allow us to open up to this energy and become more aware of it than we normally are. It literally attunes us to it.

Most people who have a Reiki attunement, even at the first level, can feel the energy flowing through their body, their hands, and sometimes their feet right away, sometimes even as the attunement is being done.

Others may not feel the energy flowing through them.

People experience various things during an attunement and your experience will be your own.

Nearly everyone will notice that their life changes in some way after an attunement, even if it is only that their responses to things shift.

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