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Relief With Reiki

Welcome to My Reiki Blog!

After spending over 16 years working in Information Technology, I realized it was past time for me to move on. Onto something that was more challenging and rewarding. Since I was a child, I'd always wanted to work in the medical field. (Actually, when I was about 10, I'd decided I was going to be a doctor during the day and a ghost buster at night. LOL like that was going to happen!) So, I went back to school to become a nurse and worked in nursing for over 20 years. Definitely challenging and rewarding! But also, a very stressful job. I had long suffered with depression and anxiety which was heightened at times by the stresses of work.

My husband had been suffering from debilitating chronic back, hip and leg pain as a result of arthritis and a variety of spinal issues. Not wanting to become addicted to opioid pain medication he wanted another solution. I wanted a holistic way to deal with my depression and anxiety. After much research into alternative medicine, I discovered Reiki. Reiki was the answer we'd been searching for.

I went on to study Reiki and became a Reiki Master myself. Followed by certification in Sound Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Crystal Therapy and Meditation.

My depression and anxiety lessened; it changed my mood. This all led to an increase in my vibration, which helped me to be more positive about life.

After giving my husband Reiki therapy with the use of crystals and guided meditations, he saw a significant decrease in his pain issues. The therapies helped with pain management without the use of narcotic pain medicines.

Seeing the amazing, wonderful difference that Reiki Energy made in our lives, I wanted to share it with others. I do believe that we all have a calling and mine has always been healing.

I decided to start my Reiki practice and started my website "A Moment of Reiki" and my blog "Relief With Reiki". Since then, I've been able to help a variety of people with various issues using an integrative approach with Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Sound Healing & Meditation. My clients have included medical professionals, writers, teachers, students and business professionals. Their issues have included depression, anxiety, stress, work issues, mental blocks for writing and pain to name a few. I also have worked with animals using distance Reiki to assist in faster healing and recovery from injury or illness.

To further share the power and energy of Reiki, I added online Reiki Certification courses to my website under the Online Programs & Courses tab. The world needs more energy healers, and this is my way of helping achieve that. We have something to offer everyone seeking to improve their life and the lives of others.

Read more about Reiki and its benefits in the blog posts. Discover all we have and become a member of our site today. You will get updates on offers and blog posts. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals towards balancing mind, body, and spirit. Book a distant Reiki session or sign up for a course online.

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